A: It is for the speed of charging, the 3 phase is 3 times faster than the single phase, 22kw instead of 7.2kw. This does also depend on the charging unit you also have fitted at home or work place and the speed of your cars on-board charger.

A: It all depends on your cars on-board charger in your car. I have checked and the VW is 7.2kW so a single phase Type 2 cable will be sufficient which is 7.2kw.

A: You can however it will only charge upto the maximum of your cable, if it is 32amp rated then 7.2kw should be achievable with either charger.

A: In the unlikely event of a cable fault please check these points first, if it still does not work then please contact for a return number on sales@easbyev.com quoting your order number. Please note moisture in the pins can cause the cable not to work. It is worth drying out the cable in a dry envirovent for 2 days then try again. If it still does not work we recommend trying the cable in another charger to make sure there is nothing wrong with your charger unit, if so contact the charger manufacturer.

Shipping and Returns

We send all our goods by UPS carrier. If you are not in when the parcel is being delivered UPS will try again the following day, after that the parcel will be left at a nearby UPS depot for collection by yourself.

A: If payment has been made before 1pm and the goods are in stock then the goods will be delivered by UPS the next working day. (Excluding weekends)

A: You have up to 14 days to return any item ordered in error. Please contact sales@easbyev.com, we will credit you for the value of the goods and the product needs to be returned at the buyers cost. Refunds will be reimbursed on receipt of your undamaged return.


A: No, it is just customer preference as long as Type 1 or Type 2 is specified.

A: Each holster has 4 screw holes giving you a good fix. We do not supply the screws due to peoples choice of screws, length and fixing methods.

A: Yes, the charging plugs are a standard size so all type 2 cables will fit.

A: No, the bag can fit a 10m cable into it.